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Mike is the founding pastor and planter of a new faith community in the Edwardsville - Glen Carbon area of Illinois. He has served churches in Denver and Idaho Springs in Colorado, and Monticello and Springfield in Illinois. His passion is creating space for future generations to explore what it means to follow Christ in today's world. If you are in the Edwardsville - Glen Carbon area, check out this new faith community! If you'd like to know more or support the ministry,

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"I'm humbled to have the opportunity to speak to people in a variety of settings, from preaching to seminars and workshops to conference keynotes. Not sure how it happens, but I'm blessed to be able to share!" 


Mike has been featured on a number of podcasts and is producing one of his own in the near future. Check back here for more content soon!


Mike has traveled extensively and loves sharing his experiences, hoping to inspire readers. Stay tuned for more written content.



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