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new faith community.

"I'm at the very beginning of creating a new faith community in the Edwardsville - Glen Carbon area of Illinois. We are so new, we don't even have a name yet! No website, no socials, no meeting place... but, well, Jesus didn't have those either when he started out.  So, I guess I'm in good company.

Here's the vision: I want to create a community where future generations can explore what it means to follow Christ in today's world. That's a simple statement that means SO many things... it means creating opportunities to encounter God, offering safe places to ask questions and deepen faith, and equipping folks to go out and change their world, all while building authentic, meaningful relationships in a welcoming, accepting, loving (and FUN!) atmosphere. That's no easy task, and even as I write it, it overwhelms me.  But, I believe in a BIG God who does cool stuff all the time... so... why not?

If you'd like to find out more, contact me!  I'd love to chat!  If you'd like to support the cause, I'll be posting a link to our giving page.  If you're a prayer warrior, I'd love for you to be on the prayer team email list.  I send out requests every couple weeks, and know that this can't be done without your prayers.  Send me your email, and I'll add you! Thank you so much!  And if you're not in the Edwardsville - Glen Carbon area, go change your world wherever YOU are!"

-Pastor Mike

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